Drupal 8 Base Distribution is an Open Source project to be focused on making a base distribution of drupal. The idea is compile the typical modules and configurations that is in vast majority sites using drupal.



Drupal improvements

  • Bootstrap theme: The theme most popular installed
  • Adminimal: Adminimal is the most popular contribute Administration Theme for Drupal
  • Multilingual: Optional to select other languages on the install process.
  • Taxonomy access fix: Permissions to add and reorder particular taxonomy.
  • Content types: by default drupal install article and page content type. You can select witch content type you need.
  • Roles: Select if you need admin and editor role on the install process. The role editor it's configure with content permissions only.


  • Admin toolbar: drop-down menu, providing a fast a full access of all the administration links.
  • Coffee: The Coffee module helps you to navigate through the Drupal admin faster. ALT+K open dialog.
  • Fast Permissions Administration: Better permissions interface on page of permissions.
  • Text formats and Editors: Full HTML (no editor) because Full HTML ckeditor botton Source remove the ident format.
  • Entity clone: Allows to clone many of the entities (config & content) provided by the Drupal core.
  • Linkit: Linkit provides an easy interface for internal and external linking with wysiwyg editors by using an autocomplete field.
  • Compare revisions: compare any revisions and revert changes on content.
  • Login page: A better design for the login page
  • Menu link weight: Selected parent menu and weight with drag and drop
  • Login emailusername: loggin in with either their username OR email address


  • Folders: Contrib, Custom, Features and Sandbox generated by default.
  • Image styles mapping: Report list to image styles used and where.
  • Search kint: Searching though debug output of kint module
  • Devel: for developers.
  • Backup and Migrate: Back up and restore your Drupal MySQL database, code, and files or migrate a site between environments.
  • Markup: Adds the ability for site admins to add "Markup" widgets to the form.
  • File (Field) Paths: extends the default functionality of Drupal's core File module, Image module and many other File upload modules, by adding the ability to use entity based tokens in destination paths and file names.
  • Views reference: Leverages core entity reference module functionality to add the display ID so that a View can be rendered in a field formatter.
  • Views Entity Reference Filter: Instead of having to enter entity IDs manually, users can select the labels of the entities they want to filter on.
  • Twig tweak: some useful functions and filters that can improve development experience.
  • Themable forms: some helpful theme suggestions for form elements
  • Core: last release stable 8.3


  • Path auto: automatically generates URL/path aliases for various kinds of content (nodes, taxonomy terms, users)
  • Sub-auto: The Drupal Path module matches only full URLs when creating SEO-friendly aliases.
  • RDF UI: Allow site builders to integrate seamlessly during or after the site building process on Drupal 8.